Forex Monster Next 10 day Results

This weekend I will be posting the results for the next ten days, bringing the testing to a total of 30 days. I will be entering them in a graph. I am also looking at starting a new round of results using a different currency pair. Most likely I will try the EUR against the AUD one of my favourites. Stay tuned.


First 20 Days – Results Released

This Forex Monster EA is continuing to create quite a buzz. I got around to gathering my paper trade results together in a graph and this is for the first 20 days. Well we had left in off in day 10 on the Test Results page. On the graph I have included the first 20 days of trading. The graph speaks for itself. I have used other EA’s for almost 5 years now. The results this thing has gotten in the first 20 days have really blown my socks off. I usually set my own Stop Losses regardless of which robot I am using, but during this trial run, I have let the Forex Monster choose its own stops losses. I haven’t seen a negative daily trade larger than 9%. This is consistent with a very effective stop loss strategy. I usually go for around 15% to keep things flowing and to give it a chance to run in real trading.

The Forex Monster - 20 Days trading Results

The Forex Monster - 20 Days trading Results

My next post will be when I have this weeks results as well, day 20 here is on the 24th July 2009. Now that i know how to graph the results, I will update them every weekend. You can click on the graph to get to the official site. If you end up buying The Forex Monster you will also be supporting my efforts on this site. Nothing wrong with that hey?! If you are new to the world of FX trading be sure to check out the Getting Started link on the top of this page.

The Forex Monster and Me

Official Site

Official Site

Being subscribed to various ‘make money from home’ mailing lists I received an e-mail about The Forex Monster. Having some familiarity with trading robots I decided to take this one for a test drive. I ran it on a dummy account for 2 weeks and within the first 10 trading days I  turned my dummy of 1000 into 3760. Realising I was on a winner and one that didn’t have too many affiliates, I decided to get on board and start making some money on the side. I mean if it wasn’t about making some money you wouldn’t be looking at this blog now so lets put the whole greed thing behind us and look at what this program is all about.

Do I like to make money?

Straight up ladies and gents, I would like to say that I am a signed on affiliate for this product. When I bought the Forex Monster the guys who sell it made a buck and the guy who e-mailed me about it also made a buck. I could be all Greenpeace like and say that any money I make from being an affiliate is for sandwich money or that it goes to my favourite charity, but the truth is it goes into my pocket and invariably I end up using it on trades and stuff. Yeah, one day if I am rolling in it you can bet that I will be doing a Billy Gates and giving heaps of it to charity. But for now my feet are planted firmly on the ground.

Here goes then. A Blog about the Forex Monster and Me. By the way if you are already tired of my ranting and want to take the Program for a test drive yourself, you could always go right ahead and click on my following affiliate link The Forex Monster. But if you are like me you will probably read on anyway, I love reading about money almost as much as I like making and spending it. So without further ado, my trading chronicles.